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Why Use Perrygate?

Save Money. 

Professional representation gives our clients the edge.  Our negotiation strategy is informed by extensive due diligence, including access to live sales data and historic archives unavailable to the public. 

Our 1.35% success fee is very competitive within the industry and we do not charge clients a percentage of the amount saved during negotiations. Read more about our Fees here.

Save Time.  

Searching for a property is a time consuming and often stressful process and can easily take hundreds of hours. We take away this burden. We only shortlist properties which truly match your criteria after undertaking our own due diligence. Perrygate acts as your single point of contact throughout the process and you can keep updated on the search anytime with our cloud reporting. 

Fiercely Independent Advice. 

In the UK, a selling agent works in the vendor’s interests, not the buyer’s. It is important to have someone fighting your corner. We work solely in our clients’ interests, always offering an honest and informed opinion on the state of a property and general market conditions. We are under no financial pressure to secure commission and we only ever advise in our clients’ best interests. Sometimes this means recommending on offer, other times it means advising clients to walk away from an opportunity. 

Access Off Market Properties. 

We don’t wait around for properties to reach the open market. We use all our industry contacts to access off market properties. We are frequently offered off market properties by vendors, selling agents, developers and other contacts throughout the industry. As all our clients are formally retained, vendors know we only represent serious buyers and this often gives us access to the best homes before the competition.  


We naturally take client privacy very seriously and guarantee anonymity during the search for those who need it. We are used to working with high-profile figures who want their private lives to remain just that.  

A Full Service. 

Post-completion, we can then be on hand to make the move as smooth as possible at no additional cost. From helping home buyers instruct architects and building firms to instructing letting agents, we are happy to help. 

Read more about our Buying Service here