Alex successfully found us an investment property in London and it has been a real pleasure working with him. He listened carefully to our criteria and therefore grasped exactly what we wanted. He then proceeded to send us information on properties of interest with a summary of the pros and cons of the property and area and carefully researched information on rental prospects, local developments or other factors which might affect rents or property values. He was very quick to respond to questions via e mail or Whatsapp. He guided us through the purchase and chased up information and viewings needed to allow the purchase to proceed smoothly. The service from Alex was ' over and above' what I expected and I would highly recommend him as a knowledgeable and trustworthy guide to find a property in London.

Doctors based in Scotland

Having a buyer's agent is standard in the US, but not so much in the UK, so I was very happy to find Perrygate when I was starting to look for a property in London. Alex is great, and I could tell right away that he was going to provide a much more personal experience than the few other buyer's agents I came across. He knows the various neighborhoods of London very well, and gave us great advice ranging from Heathrow flight paths to invasive plant species concerns. He also did a great job helping us understand the UK buying process and market dynamics. He was easily accessible despite a significant time zone difference and his terms are very reasonable, especially considering his expertise. If you’re looking for a buyer’s agent in London, Perrygate is definitely worth considering.

US Buyer

We really enjoyed working with Alex. We found all his advice to be very clear, accurate and specific. He really walks in the shoes of the buyer, and is so generous and impartial with his knowledge.

US and NZ investors based in Dubai

I would definitely recommend Alex’s services if you are looking to buy property. You can tell he works tirelessly to ensure you get the best offer and you can completely rely on him. His research is in depth so you can really compare the pros and cons of each property. He also responds promptly and is always reachable.

Domestic off-plan buyer

I thought the service that Alex/Perrygate provided was very good if you have little time to do it yourself. I was also buying on my own for the first time so found it useful to have someone guide me through the buying process. Alex viewed around 40 properties on my behalf and of those 40 I went to see 10 of them with him.

I also used the solicitor, mortgage broker and surveyor that he referred to me all of which were good. He has good knowledge on conveyancing so is experienced when dealing with solicitors.

Alex isn't overly salesy (which I liked) and is technical. He has significant experience and knows his subject matter well and is very responsive.

Domestic First-Time Buyer Working in The City

Alex and Perrygate worked tirelessly to help me acquire my first property. As a first time overseas buyer, I appreciate Alex's responsiveness and excellent communication to help me find the property I wanted.
Alex took the time to tailor his service to what I needed. He was available throughout the process and his knowledge and contacts were much appreciated. Overall an excellent service.

Expat First-TIme Buyer